Braeberry's Pepper

Moved on to greener pastures December 2011

markings showing up against dark legs Pepper running

Pepper was a tri-color pinto colt foaled 16 May 2011. His dam was Nutmeg and the sire was my cousin's black and white registered paint stallion, Tiberon. He was all legs, strong and friendly, a dark bay with white on all four legs and a small white spot on his withers. His leg markings became more prominent as the black on his legs grew in. He is also showed signs of dappling like his dam. He had lovely movement, very graceful in his steps and had grown almost as tall as his dam in four months.

He was moved to Medford, Oregon for weaning with Braeberry Victor. Very quickly in early December, he took a liking to Star Thistle, and within a day or two, eaten enough to damage him permenantly. We had to put him down. My cousin's have had hundreds of horses, mules, and cows on their property over the course of over a decade and to lose two ponies to Star Thistle within a couple of years is heartbreaking.

Pepper almost as tall as dam Pepper with dam playing Pepper with dam on foal date Pepper being picked up Pepper walking