Braeberry's Victor


Victor running Victor exploring

Braeberry Victor is a bay colt, foaled 13 June 2011. Victor is a purebred Fell Pony out of Greenholme Viv. His sire is Copperbeech Casper, our bay stallion. Victor has a small white star and a white spot on his lip. Victor is bold and strong, but friendly too. Our cousin's daughter was there to help with a very early morning foaling and named him.

Victor has found a new home in Eugene, Oregon, where his new owners have already involved him in trail competitions and other exciting things. The videos and photos below share some of the excitement.

Video of Victor having a lesson at liberty (no halter), inside with trainer Brandy Worley.

Video of Victor having a lesson at liberty (no halter), outside over obstacles with trainer Brandy Worley.

Victor's flickr photo album.

Other, older video of Victor before being weaned.

Video of Victor having a lesson with halter, rope and handling at one month.

Video of Victor in the pasture with other ponies for the first time.

Victor about 1 month old