Our Farm

east over pasture and to the hills west over arena, pasture and towards the ocean Cabin in Nov 07 Part of Hawleywood Farm in Medford

Braeberry Farm started in Boring, Oregon, between Portland and Mt. Hood (pictures below). We were on the hillside of an old volcanic vent and overlook the valley and foothills towards Mt.Hood, less than an hour's drive away.

We have since moved to the Oregon coast to a little town called Seal Rock. We are just inland from the ocean but we can often hear the roar of the waves. Above are pictures of our cabin when we bought it, and overlooking pastures to the east and west.

Due to work on the cabin and property at the coast, most of our herd resides in Medford, Oregon at Hawleywood Farm, which is the lower right picture above. My cousins have been raising paints and are now enjoying my Fell herd, becoming fans of Fells as they work with them.

We raise Fell Ponies, a British Native Mountain Pony from Northern England. There are near 400 Fell Ponies in North America (Jan 2010).

The name, Braeberry, is a description of our first farm. Brae means hillside or slope and berry is hill, mound or butte. We started our farm on the slope or side of a Boring Lava Cone. The city of Boring is named after an early community member, W. H. Boring.

We welcome visitors by prior arrangement to ensure we are home.

Braeberry Farm - Hill View Braeberry Farm - Snow View

We had flooding in our pastures with the highest levels on Wednesday, the 19th January 2012. Our pastures are normally bordered by a creek, but during the floods our pastures became rivers too. I marked how far up a t-post the water was. Interestingly, the water dropped about 2 inches on the t-post, and half the east pasture was visible again. The left picture is our east pasture, the right picture is our west pasture. Below those is a picture of the canoe we found on the beach. The ponies wanted to go for a ride too.

East pasture West pasture mares interested in canoe