Braeberry Hwinhynym

Hwinhynym is available for purchase and is in Seal Rock, Oregon.

Head shot in October 2013 casual pasture pose October 2013

Ravenscairn Selkie's fifth foal for us arrived 29 May 2012 about daybreak. It's a black filly. The first thing she did was to whinny but it sounded like a whistle, so she got the barn name Whistler. We've named her after the mare in C.S. Lewis' book, The Horse and His Boy, whose short name was Hwin.

Hwin is built solid and large in body, just like all of Selkie's foals have been for us. She will likely mature to 13.2 or 13.3 h. She has no white marks, and though she is black, if she follows the patterns of Selkie's other foals, she will spend a few years looking more brown and going through an ugly 2-3 year old stage before maturing into the mare she promises to be now. She is bold and forward, though still unsure of humans close up. She had basic handling after foaling for a few days, then left to roam and play with her dam and the other foals.

The above two photos were taken in October 2013 in our pasture at Seal Rock. Thank you to Kim Pearson for the baby photos I have. She lives near the farm and gets to drive by and see them often.

with dam day one first taste of grass