Braeberry Magna Carta

first day Magna Carta  in April 2009

Townend Bunny's third foal for us came 15 June 2008. It's a black filly as have been the previous two, all sired by BroughHill Hadrian's Wall. She was foaled at Fell Legend Farm, like her sister of last year and where her first sister and sire call home. Her name is in keeping with the historical aspect of her sire BroughHill Hadrian's Wall. She was foaled on the day the King John of England signed the Magna Carta (in 1215), an amazing stepping stone for democracy. Her barn name is Whisper.

Whisper had an almost great first week, but on day five she was sick and went to the vet's with her dam. By the weekend, salmonella was confirmed. She was treated aggressively and a week later on Friday, she went back to Rene's care, lots of care (thank you Rene'!). What caused it, who knows, but the wildfires in the area could be to blame, having caused birds to move out of their normal habitats and into her foaling place. She and her dam both tested free of any infection in early October 2008.

Whisper has had almost three years with Susie of Susie's Zoo and Ponies Too in Lincoln, CA learning new things and experiencing life with pony parties. I saw her March 2010 and she's a lovely, black miniature of her dam. Her temperament is going to win her fans and she's already been on some of the pony party events with success.

Photo at right is Whisper in April 2009, looking very fuzzy and brown. She has matured black. Due to Susie's change in careers, Whisper has come back to us and is currently staying at Fell Legend Farm where she can be seen and is available for purchase. She is rising four and ready to start training for riding the summer of 2012.