Braeberry Jasper


Jasper as a yearling his only marking

Greenholme Viv's second foal is another grey, though this time a colt and sired by Copperbeech Casper. He is bold and forward, not afraid of anyone even at a young age, but also very friendly. He has a black base coat with a few grouped white hairs on his forehead.

Our son named Jasper, it is Casper, the sire, with a J for our son's first initial. It is also a National Park in the Rockies of Canada that we'd seen advertised recently, and thought that would be a good name.

Jasper is in Medford, Oregon and has just been gelded. He's very social. With both dam and sire under or at 13 h, he is likely to stay small too though he will definately look like a little draft pony.

Jasper is now owned by Hawleywood Farms, where he will be trained to ride, drive, pack and likely be used as a lesson pony and trail pony too. Congratulations and have fun with him!

Video of Jasper and Cocoa together in the round pen as yearlings.

Jasper with dam Scattered white hairs visible