The Fell Pony

A native of Northern England, the Fell pony has developed through localized breeding and environmental conditions over a period of centuries into a sturdy, hardy, sure footed pony. Known for a ground covering trot, Fells can travel long distances when in good condition. Fells are most similar to the slightly larger Dales Pony and the now extinct Galloway.

In its past the Fell Pony has been used most extensively as a pack pony, but also filled other needs, including shepherding, farm work, smuggler’s transport, war pony, pleasure riding, and whatever else the owner desired. Today's Fells can be found participating in almost every discipline.

Though Fell type ponies have come in other colors, as the breed characteristics became defined and the Fell Pony Society established, a registered Fell currently is limited to black, brown, bay and gray with a preference of no white or minimal white on the face above the eyes and below the hind fetlocks.

To find out more about the Fell Pony please visit the Fell Pony Society website and explore our Fell Pony links.